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Thread: Java Programming GUI Program

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    Default Java Programming GUI Program

    My programming experience has been solely in coding - I have some basic C knowledge, Python, 3 Classes at University for Java but still have yet to learn Java GUI programming yet. My main GUI knowledge comes from Visual Basic which has a built in "form creator" where you simply click and drop objects like textboxes and command buttons, etc onto a userform and then you run some code based on those objects events.

    Is there some IDE or proram with Java that would allow a similar interface as VB has to allow me to create a "user form" or in javas terminology "applet" or form that I can simply drop items onto a form (a visual layout) rather than doing something so trivial as import java.util.awt.* and manually specifying items I want to add and positioning them with layouts and panels?
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    Default Re: Java Programming GUI Program

    With NetBeans you can do that. You have a nice UI editor and possible to drag-and-drop controls on to it and work on. But, my suggestion is you should do these stuff on a simple editor like Command prompt and Notepad. Two reasons behind that, seems you don't have much experience in programming and even so Java is not the same as VB. You can start from the following tutorial.

    Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)

    Apart from NetBeans, JIDEA does the same. But since it is not free and Student edition has some limitation I don't recommend it to you. I hope Eclipse does the same too, but I haven't you it and better to check.
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