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    Default migrating from flash to java

    Hello all,

    I've been a flash AS3 developer for several years now, working with flash professional. recently i've begun learning java, and while Java core basics such as variables, functions and oop are very similar to flash - and can't seem to find my arms or legs.

    While flash is completely oriented around a quick and easy graphical interface, I can't seem to find something similar with java. A typical workflow with flash professional begins with drawing basic objects on stage (not programatically - with paint tools), assigning class identifiers to them, and storing them in the project library for dynamic access.

    this could be a real noob question, but when working with eclipse - where's the stage? how do i place objects on stage? how do i assign graphics to a class? how do i assign x and y values to objects on stage? when working in flash, stage objects usually extend the "MovieClip" class - what's the equivilant in java? what's the equivilant of "addEventlistener"?

    in a word- HELP.

    can someone offer basic java tutorials dealing with GUI, mouse events, handlers etc....?



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    Default Re: migrating from flash to java

    You don't.
    Java generally works from the other direction (though I wouldn't be surprised to find some tools that work from the UI back).
    Obviously your backend stuff is going to be affected by how you plan on the thing working, but usually only in terms of "we need a screen that shows XYZ", which might result in some model at the back which provides data for XYZ.

    Look at the Java tutorials over at Oracle, starting from the beginning.

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