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Thread: type object?

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    Default type object?

    I was hoping someone could clarify a review question for me. The question is: "what is the advantage and what is the disadvantage of writing code that deals with objects as type object?" What does that mean? Does that mean as big "O" object, the mother class of all objects? I don't understand the question. I know none of you are omnipotent beings, but I would welcome any hypothesis you may have.


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    Default Re: type object?

    Does that mean as big "O" object, the mother class of all objects?
    That would be my take on the question.

    To look for positive reasons for wanting to deal with objects qua Object instances a good place to start would be the Object API documentation - which defines the sorts of things you can do with them that way.

    The reasons for not doing so (ie for dealing with objects via variables and expressions of some more specific type) amount to the reasons for having a type system.

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