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    Post Help with user input in the main

    I am trying to declare two different variables, their values are set by user input. When I run what I have so far, only the first input shows up, not the second.

    If anybody could help, that would be amazing. Link to code is: [Moderator edit: link removed] (note that some tweaking will be done before the final project)

    Code is also attached as an attachment.
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    Default Re: Help with user input in the main

    Please post the code you need help with here on the forum. We don't like external links that may be dead links when someone wants to review the thread later.

    Before you post code, it would be a good idea to go through SSCCE : Java Glossary and How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    And don't double post if you don't see your post immediately listed. Many posts with external links are automatically flagged by the forum software and need to be approved by a moderator before they are shown.

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