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    Default Scanner input into array

    I have inputs such as "1 2 3" being inputted into my program.
    I am using Scanner to look for the numbers. I would like to put these numbers into an array, but how would I initialize the array size if the inputs vary in size? For example, what if the input has more than 3 numbers?

    Here is the code I am working with:
    Java Code:
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
        int [] array = new int [3];
        for (int i = 0; i < array.length; i++)
          array[i] = scan.nextInt();
        for (int z = 0; z< array.length; z++)
          System.out.print(array[z] + " ");

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    Default Re: Scanner input into array

    3 options:

    1 - ask user how many numbers they are entering and then create an array with that size.

    2 - create an array of some length. Keep track of how many numbers have been entered. When the array is full create a new bigger array. Copy values from old array to new array. Insert new value.

    3 - use a List.

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