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    Lightbulb Questions on KeyListener, ActionListener & Projectile Motion

    I am trying to create a java game called Pumpkin' Chunking which allows players to "shoot" a pumpkin as a projectile. It's a simple program. But as soon as I press the spacebar, it only "moves" a very short distance.

    I would really appreciate any feedback you can give.

    p.s. The attached zip file is a NetBeans project folder. Source files are in "src" folder.
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    Default Re: Questions on KeyListener, ActionListener & Projectile Motion

    I count 6 Java classes in your jar. I can't speak for all, but as for myself, that's a lot of code to ask a volunteer to do a code review on. Why not instead create one small runnable and compilable class that distills your main problem without all the unnecessary program frills that are non-related to your problem? Then you can post the code itself here (since it will be small), and both you and us will be able to understand it better, run it unmodified, and try to correct its function much more easily. This is called creating an SSCCE.

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