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    Default Java newbie, a little help please :)

    So basically, this is a rock, paper, scissors program. The main problem i have is getting my array to print all in one JOptionPane line by line.
    The java tutor at my school gave me these tips-
    Generate a portion of a String
    You can then take that String portion and add it onto a final output String

    String output = "";
    portion and add onto output by using the += operator

    JOP.showMessagDialog(null, output);

    but when i do this, i cant initialize "i" because its either missing or it has already been initialized. Also when i print, my it only shows the first element of my arrays. any idea?

    Java Code:
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    import  java.util.Random;
    public class proj3
    	public static void main (String[] args)
    		int[ ] compCArray = new int[100];
    		int[ ] yourCArray = new int[100];
    		int computerChoice;
    		int yourChoice;
    		int yourChoices =0;
    		int computerChoices =0;
    		int counterWin = 0;
    		int counterLoss = 0;
    		int counterTie = 0;
    		int totalGames =0;
    		String yourInput;
    		String playAgain = " ";
    		String output="Your Choices"+yourCArray[0] +"\n"+ "   Computer Choices Choices:"+compCArray[0];
    		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null," [Welcome to Rock Paper Scissor's v2.]");
    		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"[The rules are as follows]\n[Choose either]\n[Rock, Paper, or Scissors]\n[Paper Beats Rock, But loses to Scissors]\n[Rock beats Scissors, but loses to paper]\n[Scissors beats Paper, but loses to Rock]");
    		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"[Chose]\n[0 for Rock]\n[1 for Paper]\n[2 For Scissors]");
    		//for (int i=0; i<yourChoice.length; i++){
    			yourInput = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("What is your Choice?");
    				yourChoice= Integer.parseInt(yourInput);
    				yourCArray [totalGames] =yourChoice;
    		//	}
    			//for (int j=0; j<computerChoice.length; j++){
    			computerChoice= (int) (Math.random() * 3);
    			JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"The Choices Were:\nComputer Choice"+computerChoice+ "\nYour Choice:"+yourChoice);
    				compCArray [totalGames] =computerChoice;
    				if(yourChoice == computerChoice){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"It is a tie, you both picked the same thing.  YOU LOSE!!");counterTie++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 0 & computerChoice == 2){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Congratulations, you chose Rock and the Computer Chose Scissors.  YOU LOSE!!");counterWin++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 1 & computerChoice == 0){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Congratulations, you chose Paper and the Computer Chose Rock.  YOU LOSE!!");counterWin++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 2 & computerChoice == 1){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Congratulations, you chose Scissors and the Computer Chose Paper.  YOU LOSE!!");counterWin++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 0 & computerChoice == 1){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Im sorry, you chose Rock, and the computer Chose Paper.  YOU LOSE!!");counterLoss++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 2 & computerChoice == 0){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Im sorry, you chose Scissors, and the computer Chose Rock.  YOU LOSE!!");counterLoss++;
    				else if(yourChoice == 1 & computerChoice == 2){
    					JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Im sorry, you chose Paper, and the computer Chose Scissors. YOU LOSE!!");counterLoss++;
    	 	playAgain = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Do you want to Play again? 'yes/no'");
            }while (playAgain.equals("yes"));
    		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Total Games Played:  "+totalGames+"\n Total Wins:  "+counterWin+"\nTotal Losses:  "+counterLoss+"\nTotal Tie:  "+counterTie);
    		for(int i=0; i<totalGames; i++){
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    Default Re: Java newbie, a little help please :)

    Your forloop only runs while i is less than yourchoice.length, but you initialize yourchoice to 0, so it never enters the loop. Same with your second forloop and computerchoice.length.

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    Default Re: Java newbie, a little help please :)

    You actually don't need them for loops to achive what i think your aiming for. The problem is the way you are trying to build the output string.

    If the idea is to iterate over the arrays and create a string, then you should create a string for each array and use your last for loop to append each string using += then display both these strings in a JOptionPane.

    Java Code:
    String playerOut="You choises ";
    String compOut="Com choises";
    for(int i=0; i<totalGames; i++){
          playerOut+=yourCArray[i]+(" ");
          compOut+=compCArray[i]+(" ");    
    I think this is kinda what your aiming for

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