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    hi friends,iam starting my final year project in my college...i need help in writing a code to get the time from the system clock and also to set the system clock to a new would be greatful if anybody can provide me with the code in java to get the system clock value and to set the system clock value...
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    pks, Welcome to Java Forums. Couple of things to keep in mind when posting:
    1) Use clearly written English when posting. If English is not your first language, use Google to find assistance with your English skills.
    2) Although there may be a few homework-genie's in our community, typically a completed assignment will not be provided to you. In order for us to help you, you must first help yourself. Attempt the problem. If you get stuck, come back with the code and paste it for us to review. And don't forget to use code tags.
    3) Generally, it's not wise to list your email in a public forum - that is, unless you don't mind spam.
    4) Use a clear and specific title for your thread.

    Best of luck in whatever course you listed there.
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