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    Wink 2 jtables not working between frames

    HI!!! Very Happy Very Happy
    If you are think you can solve this problem then please give me quick reply.
    i have two frames A,B a include 4 text fields and a table with 4 columns and there a "new"button. when run time i can insert values to that text fields and that adding to my table. after i insert 5 rows like that i want click new button and then frame B set-visible after frame B have a table there are 6 (NO,date, and frame A columns) columns !! my question is how i get my frame A table row values to frame B including that row has NO, and date Values??
    please if you can answer this simple question( not for me!Twisted Evil ) please help!!
    please explain step by step after clicking new button!!
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    Default Re: 2 jtables not working between frames

    Please do not post your email address in the forum, not unless you wish to get lots of spam.

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