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Thread: Help Plz !! SORTING OID VALUES !!!

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    Default Help Plz !! SORTING OID VALUES !!!

    hi ,
    can anyone help me in sorying OID values..

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    Default Re: Help Plz !! SORTING OID VALUES !!!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Please allow me to pass on a couple of suggestions that may help you get your question(s) answered:

    • First of all, please calm down just a bit. Your title is a little bit over the top and can have the opposite effect intended.
    • Next please give the details on the problem you're trying to solve. For instance, what is an OID value, what does the original data look like, what type of output are you trying to achieve.
    • Next please give the details on how your current attempts to solve this are not working. What code have you tried? Does it compile? Run? Are there any errors or exceptions? Or does it simply not have correct behavior, and if so, what is your code doing wrong?
    • If posting code, you'll want to use code tags: [code] above your posted code block and [/code] below it.

    Best of luck and again welcome!
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