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    Default So how would I start?

    I have the basic java knowledge as I use to be a very respected well known private server developer, only for creating content that were most effective and creative. I know the basic java but creating something from scratch...

    I was thinking some sort of 2D racing game to start my journey to creating java games. basic wasd driving avoiding cars ect. I know I will have to start with the sprites, key pressed ect, Is there any good way I can learn from a thread or something or the easiest way to sink the knowledge into my head.

    I would love feedback thanks,


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    Default Re: So how would I start?

    We are talking about Java here, right? Not Javascript? I only ask because you mentioned previous experience with creating web content. A 2D racing game could be done with either although the following remarks would apply in any case:

    creating something from scratch...
    You have an end goal in mind, and that's good. But starting from scratch is just that: the goal is held in the back of your mind as you tackle mastery of basic technique. (Think of a young Michelangelo made to do rather boring apprentice work with chisel and wood before they would trust him with Carrara marble.)

    Basic Java usage, Swing (the gui stuff) and applets (if that's applicable) are all covered in Oracle's Tutorial. My guess is that this Tutorial was the starting place for most folk here. (And, for some of us, remains an often accessed resource...).

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    Default Re: So how would I start?

    This is my first post :o

    It's nice to know that you're a well known private server coder or what not, was this for an rsps? If so, then so was I!

    Anyway, I'd say to go on Youtube and search thenewboston Java tutorials, he'll teach you how to program applications from scratch.. effectively and intelligibly too.

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