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Thread: URGENT!!! assignment (Mastermind)

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    Default URGENT!!! assignment (Mastermind)

    I dont have any ideas to do it...please help...

    We will write a version of MasterMind, which has two hints for a code breaker to break a secret code:
    the number of position (and digit) matches; and
    the number of remaining digit matches. The positions of these digits do not match.
    In the process of determining the hints, each digit can be used once only. We need to ignore (or
    remove) matched digits from the secret code and the guessed code before further checking. For
    example, if the secret code is 0022 and the guessed code is 0241. The hint is "1 position match and 1
    digit match". The digit with matched position is the first "0" (secret code becomes -022 and guessed
    code becomes -241, where "-" represents an ignored digit) and the remaining digit match is "2" (secret
    code now becomes -0-2 and guessed code becomes --41). If the guessed code is 2021 instead, the hint
    is "2 position matches and 1 digit match" with the middle "02" as the matched positions and the digit
    "2" as the matched digit.

    (i) Create a class MasterMind with an integer array secretCode of size 4 (which may be changed
    to other values) which stores the secret digits starting from the left. For example, if the secret
    integer is 0232, secretCode stores the digits 0, 2, 3 and 2 in its elements 0, 1, 2 and 3
    respectively. The class has another attribute guessCount to keep track of the current guess count
    which is initialized to zero. Copy the content of the class as the answers to this part.

    (ii) Write a constructor of MasterMind which initializes secretCode randomly in which the
    maximum value of each digit is specified by the parameter maxInteger of the constructor. Store
    the value of the parameter maxInteger in another attribute maxInteger. Also write a method
    printSecretCode() which prints the secret code to the console in a line. Copy the content of
    the constructor/method as the answers to this part.

    (iii) Write a driver class TestMasterMind with a main() method which creates a MasterMind
    object whose maximum value of each digit is 4 and print the secret code to the console. Copy the
    content of the class as the answers to this part.

    (iv) Write a method oneGuess(int guess) of the class MasterMind which increases guessCount
    by 1 and returns the number of correct position(s) and digit(s) in element 0 and 1 of an array hint
    respectively. Here you need to first extract the digits from the integer guess and then compare
    them with secretCode. The procedure of extracting digits from an integer can be found on p.106
    of Unit 4. In this part, the number of correct digit(s) (i.e., hint[1]) should always be zero since it
    is more difficult to do and will be done in another part. You can test your method to make sure
    hint[0] is correctly returned. Copy the content of the method as the answers to this part.

    (v) Write a method play() of the class MasterMind to display the dialog box asking the player to
    enter an integer with digits in the range 0 to maxInteger, display the appropriate message after
    checking the guess using oneGuess() and repeat the guessing process until the guess is correct.
    (Actually the program can be terminated with an error if the user click "Cancel" instead of "OK".)
    The game can actually be played now despite the hint on correct digits is not given. Add a
    statement in TestMasterMind calling the method play() to play the game. Copy the content of
    the method as the answer to this part.

    (vi) This part is difficult and you need to think carefully how to do it. Write a method findHint1() of
    the class MasterMind with any appropriate parameters to find and return hint[1] to the calling
    method, which is oneGuess(). Also, update oneGuess() so that the correct value of hint[1]
    (instead of zero) is also returned. Copy the content of the method and changes in oneGuess() as
    the answer to this part.

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    Default Re: URGENT!!! assignment (Mastermind)

    Start by outlining your projects requirements, the goals and create logical steps to get there. What classes do you need? What are your variables going to look like?

    Also, writing URGENT!!!!!!! in your post title will not get you any faster of a response. In fact it may cause people to respond slower because it can be viewed as an insult to other peoples times. This also goes for posting your deadlines too.

    If you have more direct questions and not "Please do this for me" questions, please be more specific. Your instructions tell you what has to be done, so start working on something.
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    Default Re: URGENT!!! assignment (Mastermind)

    Moderator advice: This forum is for technical discussion, and many members here will be willing to help you with a specific problem. It is not however a place where your homework will be done for you to allow you to cheat your way through a passing grade.

    If you have a specific question (see How to ask questions the smart way) feel free to start a new thread. I'm locking this homework dump.

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    Default Re: URGENT!!! assignment (Mastermind)

    Given this and your previous question, it seems you're quite lost in this class. I suggest that you arrange a conference with your instructor as soon as possible as this offers your best hope of catching up. Either that or dropping the class.

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