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    Default help with JButton and writing to a text file

    i will post the entire code if requested, but i want to focus on this bit:

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0)
    fw = new FileWriter("G:\\FINAL PROJECT\\program\\list.txt");
    list = new PrintWriter(fw);
    String word = wordField.getText();
    String definition = defArea.getText();
    list.output(word + "\t" + definition);


    where do throw the IOException in order for this code to work properly?
    what im trying to do here is to add a word and its definition to a text file(list.txt) when a button is clicked

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    Default Re: help with JButton and writing to a text file

    There's nowhere you could put any exception handling in that code and have it work properly. Check the PrintWriter API to see what methods it has available.

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    Default Re: help with JButton and writing to a text file

    Why do you want to throw the exception? Place a try/catch statement around the line(s) of code that might throw an exception and handle them appropriately.

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