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    Default Array game issue


    I have to create a game in 12x12 array, with a player trying to avoid hunters to gain points. I have done collision, boundaries etc, however I cannot move my hunters, even though the code looks well, if you could, please have a look at it and point me into a right direction/fix my error, thanks!

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    Default Re: Array game issue

    If you want help, you'll have to provide an SSCCE that demonstrates the problem.
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    Default Re: Array game issue

    Exactly what Kevin said. You will find that if you post a proper SSCCE the programmers here will be more willing to help you. You cannot expect to ask for help, but then require the person you're asking the question to do all the work. A SSCCE takes that problem out of the equation and from my own experience, I can often see my mistake before even posting when I take the time to isolate my problem.
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