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    Default jdk7 closed source?


    when downloading the jdk7 from (which redirected to an Oracle page) it came to my attention that it wasn't possible to download the sources of the jdk
    (you can download the sources of jdk6, you can download a jdk7 binary, but not the sources of jdk7)

    and I kinda wondered about the reason for this.

    When addressing an oracle employee they said it was still possible to download the sources from:
    Java SE 7

    which strikes me as odd:

    these aren't the sources of oracle, but of the openjdk, which, for as far as I know, are different.

    I originally thought that oracle closed the sources because they release public patches for security vulnerabilities, but why do they say there is still access to the sources while they only provide a link to sources of the openjdk?

    Are the downloads Oracle provides on binaries build from the openjdk project?

    That would strike me as strange...

    does anyone have any information about this?


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