While using subversion I had this problem:

Now, I think I'm on the verge of going crazy because something very weird is happening. I had an old gui design which was very rudimentary, and I wanted to replace it with something cleaner. So I used my newly installed GUI design plugin in eclipse and designed a nice neat new gui. Then I migrated the old gui functionality to the new gui. I removed references to the old gui from the main execution thread and then ran the application only to find my old gui design sill being used by the application.

After trying repeatedly to see if there was any remaining reference to the old gui I finally erased the old gui code all together. But it would appear that just to spit in my face life decided to sill use my old gui.

So can anyone tell me why my old gui won't go away?
I know that it is the fault of the svn since moving the files to another project solved the problem. However, I still wish to use the svn as part of my development of this app, so how do I solve this issue?