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    Default Trying to learn GUI

    Well I have to say that I'm a complete beginner in Java and only understand some of the basics, but i'm willing to learn and give it a try.

    The first program that I have created successfully for myself was a small adding program in Netbeans that has a simple GUI layout. It seemed fairly straight forward using Swing; just position the text fields, labels, and buttons then right click and add an action. With that sorta figured out I tried making a different more ambitious program.

    This program tries to use a list to visualize the available COM ports. Unfortunately right clicking doesn't seem to cut in this case and i've been messing around with Netbeans for a few hours to try and find some insight but to no avail.

    So the question is: How do I change what a list contains? And how do I record what the user chooses as a selection?


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    Default Re: Trying to learn GUI

    If you want to learn Java GUI programming, first you'll want to not use NetBeans to generate your GUI code. Sure use it as an IDE, but if you use it to generate your Swing code at this level, it will shield you from the underpinnings of Swing and you will not gain a feel for it. Instead I strongly urge you to go to the Swing tutorials and learn Swing there.

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