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    Default File manipulation

    I'm trying to make a program with a GUI (which I have already finished) that takes an old file extension, a new file extension and a full/partial directory path and changes all files with the old extension to files of the new extension.
    It's just a project, so it needn't be particularly efficient.
    What I'm having trouble with is finding every file with the given extension in the folder. I'm reasonably certain I would be able to figure out how to edit the file then, but any advice on that would also be welcome. I'm also unsure how I would iterate over the files located.

    This is my program so far, the change method is where I'm putting the code I need to add.

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    Default Re: File manipulation

    Have you read the API documentation for the File class? It has a String[] list(FilenameFilter filter) method and a File[] listFiles(FilenameFilter filter) method that can do the job.

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