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    Default remove duplicates in array gives wrong result

    I have a char array, and in this array I want to remove repeating element I try below code unfortunately there is something wrong, it removes duplicates but it also duplicate last element. Array elements are 'A','C','C','D' but after I applied blow code I got 'A','C','D','D' on result, but I should get 'A','C','D' . can you look at the code and tell me the problem

    Java Code:
       int NewLength = 1;
            int i,j;
            for(i=1; i< LHSArray.length; i++)
               for(j=0; j< NewLength ; j++)
                   if(LHSArray[i] == LHSArray[j])
               if (j==NewLength )
                  LHSArray[NewLength++] = LHSArray[i];

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    Default Re: remove duplicates in array gives wrong result

    Remember that arrays have a fixed length. You cannot "chop off" the last element. you have 2 options: keep a counter that holds the number of desired elements in the array and only print out that many values. Or make a new smaller array and copy across only the desired elements.

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