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    Default Threads and subclasses


    I want to create a thread inside the actionPerformed method of a "JFrame extends" class, that will run a spesific method.

    How can i do that without messing with anonymus classes?
    I thought to implement Runnable interface, to include my run methode and finally to create the new thead with the object that my class creates, which will be Runnable.
    But this way i have to create a heavy object which has many fields and swing components, for simply creating a thread..

    Does something more convenient exists??


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    Default Re: Threads and subclasses

    do that without messing with anonymus classes?
    Anonymous classes are for quick and easy creation of a class. If that is a problem then,
    You can always make a separate class with the full definition.
    An inner class will allow you to get to the outer class's variables.

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