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    Default Execute small java programs through thst possible??

    check out this link

    try ruby! (in your browser)

    You'll be able to run small parts of ruby programs online....

    As java is the strongest language in the field of Computer Science till date......I expected more from our java researchers to make a site .... where we can put small java programs and the result or errors will be reflected to browser rather than on console.

    I can think of sending my java proram text to the server, execute there and get the result back to browser.

    So that concept is the reason behind the question I asked.

    One more thing is in my mind that execution of SQL or PL/SQL programs on browser.we call that ISQLPLUS.

    I done that in ORACLE 9i.

    This is also reflecting the same concept.

    Can any one help me out, because in my office i dont have the permission to install java in my machine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure what you mean with this message...

    You could use AJAX... All you need in the browser is html and javascript... On the server you can run your java code...

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