hi all,

I am currently developing a POS machine in JAVA. I am using Epson TM-T88IV Thermal printer to print receipt, an automatic Cash Drawer is connected to the printer via RJ11 port. My question is how to open the cash drawer in java code? the printer manual provided sample codes for opening the drawer but it is written in C#, C++ and .NET languages. One way to open the drawer is by printing the character 'A' using the font "control" provided by the printer driver. I tried this using the code below but still doesn't work.

Java Code:
JTextField jf = new JTextField();
jf.setFont(new Font("control", Font.PLAIN, 10));
Additional Info:
I am using JasperReports to design the receipt and then print it using the thermal printer, but i cannot find the font "control" on the font selection. I am using IReport to create and edit my reports.

Please somebody tell me what to do or at least give mo some insights or workaround for this. I will be very grateful.

thanks. =)