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Thread: interest for banks

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    Default interest for banks

    need help with this "Write a Java program for
    a bank that will calculate the
    monthly interest earned on a
    cash deposit".

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    Default Re: interest for banks

    I think that I speak for all in wishing you much success with your project. Please let us know how it progresses. If you need any specific help, feel free to ask a specific question and most folks will be more than happy to pitch in. Please understand though that in my experience here the more general the question usually the more general the answer. So questions of the nature of "I don't have a clue..." usually receive a link to a tutorial or two whereas very specific questions regarding this or that error usually receive more direct answers. Again, best of luck.
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    Default Re: interest for banks

    I'll get you started:
    Java Code:
    class Bank {

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