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    Default Byte[] to string and string to byte[] - for database

    Ok, so Ive looked and looked for an appropriate answer for this with no avail.
    Hopefully I can find something soon.


    I am working with a PHP Java bridge, so all my database access is done through PHP and heavy work loads are done through Java.

    I have a list of numbers, which I create a byte[] array of, then pass the string representation back to PHP to store in the database (of which I am using BLOB) ... the string representations of the byte[] array looks like [B@6ba80b

    I then get the value '[B@6ba80b' from the database in a string format to pass back to Java .. in Java however, I have the string value and cannot figure out how to get this back into a byte[] array.

    So far my efforts result in a different byte[] array than what I need.

    I get:
    from database to converted to byte[] with string.getBytes()
    [B@12bfb8d [B@1a62d05
    [B@15b588f [B@62b9dd

    as you can see, these are not the same.

    Any ideas would be great!!


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    Default Re: Byte[] to string and string to byte[] - for database

    [B@xxxxx where x are hex numbers is the default toString() returned by a byte array, and that's not what you want. For a String representation of the byte array, you'd use new String(myByteArray);. But I think we need to see more of your code to figure out exactly what you're doing wrong. Especially how you try to pass the byte array to PHP.

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    Default Re: Byte[] to string and string to byte[] - for database

    Its not so much of a worry how its passed to PHP for this part
    Initially the code is a List<Integer> which is encoded into a byte[] array
    A file is created with lines to insert into the database using in file ... etc

    line = line.trim();
    String[] parts = line.split("=");
    SortedMap<Integer, Integer> docid_freq_map = Index.getDocIdMap(parts[1]);
    List<Integer> delta_freq_list = Index.sortedmap2deltalist(docid_freq_map);
    int df = docid_freq_map.size();
    byte[] bytes = VB.VBENCODE(delta_freq_list);
    String contents = parts[0] + "||" + df + "||" + bytes + "\n";

    the file looks like: (delimeted by ||)



    From PHP I send a String which looks exactly like each line from above (yanke||1||[B@1845a6)
    I split the String into:
    String word = "yanke"
    String misc = 1
    String sBytes = "[B@1845a6"

    so, what I need to do, is essentially get that sBytes back into a byte[] bytes array with exactly the same value as it was previously before inserting into the database

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