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    Default Passing arrays to function


    I have a problem with passing arrays to a method in another class.

    class new {

    public static int i,j;
    Integer [] x= new Integer (i);
    Integer [] y= new Integer (j);
    public void new( int i, int j, int [] x, int [] y) {
    //manupulation with array


    public class sample {

    psvm () {

    int row1=10;
    int row2=20;

    Integer [] myRow1 = new Integer (row1);
    Intger [] myRow2 = new Integer (row2);

    // read values in to row1
    // read values into row2

    new acessNew = new (row1,row2, myRow1, myRow2); // error : Multiple markers at this line



    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Passing arrays to function

    In future you need to copy and paste your error messages as we don't read minds.

    You cannot call your class "new" as that is a reserved word in Java.

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