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    Default read from text file into array of objects

    Hi - can anyone share a simple example of how to read from a text file into an array of objects?

    text file example:
    Part ID: MOV001, Part No: PG, Description: Wheel
    Part ID: MOV234, Party No: G, Description: Tyre

    I wish to write this details into an array of part objects

    Parts [] part = new Parts [10];

    start of code:

    BufferedReader bufr = new BufferedReader(new FileReader ("part.txt"));

    Unsure how to go from here?

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    Default Re: read from text file into array of objects

    If you already have your Parts class, you just need to read your data from the text file.
    Here are some tutorials on how to do that:
    Dystopian Code: Text File I/O in Java
    Dystopian Code: Text File I/O with Strings that Contain Spaces in Java

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