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    Default Re: changing telephone numbers into words.

    okay, i have another problem.

    so say for the number


    this can be two words. for ex. you-cool.

    now in say for example my dictionary file has the word you and cool but not youcool.

    How do i set it to so i can get matches for two words?

    this is what i have so far:
    Java Code:
      public static void MatchNum ( Map<String, Set<String>> dict) throws FileNotFoundException{
    	      File myFileTwo = new File("telephone.txt");
    	   Scanner inputTwo = new Scanner(myFileTwo);
    	   while (inputTwo.hasNext()){
    		   String Number =;
    		   Number = Number.substring(3);
    		   String NumberTwo = Number.substring(0,3);
    		   Set<String> matchesOne = dict.get(NumberTwo);
    		   String NumberThree= Number.substring(4,7);
    		   Set<String>matchesTwo= dict.get(NumberThree);
    		   Set<String> matches = dict.get(Number);
    		   System.out.println (" " +matches);
    in this code, i broke down the string Number into two parts 0 to 2 and 3 to 6. Now how can i join those matches together?
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