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    Default Brand New To Java, what does it actually do?

    Hey guys so I'm brand new to Java and have recently begun looking at some of the coding. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me some things and functions that Javascript actually does!! Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Brand New To Java, what does it actually do?

    You're mistaken if you think that Java and Javascript are the same or are even similar. In fact, they're about as similar as ham is to hamster. Please first figure out what you're trying to ask. I suggest you get some minimal knowledge about your subject first at Wikipedia or a similar site, and would invite you to read up on both Java and Javascript. Then, since this is a Java site, not a Javascript site, feel free to come back if you have any Java-specific questions. Finally, my experience here has been that we do a whole lot better answer specific questions then very vague or general questions, and so your experience here will be a lot better if you can ask specifically about what confuses you from the articles that you read.
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