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    Default Deployment to Windows Machine

    A little context ... I'm firmly rooted in the UNIX world, writing F77 code. I have only recently acquired a Mac and learned some Java.

    I successfully build a Java program on my Mac, and I create a jar file from it. I can send this jar file to any Mac user, and it runs great.

    I try the samething with a Windows 7 machine. (I have little experience with Windows.) I successfully build the Java program and create a jar file from it. The jar file works fine.

    I send the jar file to other Windows users, they click on it, and they get a "ding" and that's it.

    Can anyone tell me the necessary conditions to get the jar file to work on a Windows machine? The users claim to have Java on their machines, there are no Path, association, etc. problems.

    I seem to be spending more time trying to get Java working on Windows machines than actually writing code.

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    Default Re: Deployment to Windows Machine

    Open a command prompt. Navigate to the dir where the jar file is. Run the file with:
    Java Code:
    java -jar FileName.jar
    If the jar does not execute you should get some info as to the cause.

    Also, open Windows Explorer. Click Tools > Folder Options > File Types. In the list scroll down and click JAR Executable Jar File. At the bottom it should display which program JAR files open with. If it has no association then you will need to "Change" it.

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    Default Re: Deployment to Windows Machine

    I'll have them run the jar file from a command prompt and see what comes back.


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