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    Default ArrayList, incrementing and decrementing fields

    I am trying to figure out how to change values stored in an arraylist. I have managed to get the values out, but the problem I am having now is I use the for each loop to go through the list and find certain values. I have that figured out, however I cannnot seem to change specific values in the list. Can anyone explain how to do this?

    I have an arraylist of objects (Beepers) that store integers denoting the street and avenue that piles of beepers are on. I can get the information but I now I can't seem to get it to use the specific field I want. I don't understand what it's doing. Sure would appreciate some help with this. There are other files used with this but they just call the methods here in this program.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    public class MyWorld{
    /************** declare variables ****************/
    	 ArrayList<Beepers> beeperList = new ArrayList<Beepers>();
    	 boolean found=false;
    	 int index;
    /*********** Constructor ************/
    public MyWorld(){ /* add walls and beepers here */
    	beeperList.add(new Beepers (10,101,55));
    	beeperList.add(new Beepers (1,1,100));
          /********** Inner Class "Beepers" **************/
    		public class Beepers{
    		/******** declare variables *************/
    		private int street, avenue, count;
    			public Beepers(int s, int a, int c){ // Beepers class constructor
    		/************Beeper Class Methods ********************************/
    			public int getStreet(){
    				return street;
                            public int getAvenue(){
    				return avenue;
                            public int getCount(){
    				return count;
                            public int incrementCount(){
    				return count;
                            public int decrementCount(){
    				return count;
    			public  String toString(){
    				return "  St: " +beeperList.get(0).getStreet() +" Ave: " + avenue +" Count "+count;
    	public boolean found(int s, int a){ System.out.println("*** found() ***");
    					int karelStreet=s;
    					int karelAvenue=a;
    					for(Beepers e : beeperList){
    						if (e.getStreet()==karelStreet && e.getAvenue()==karelAvenue){
    							int index = beeperList.indexOf(e);  System.out.println("index= "+index);
    							found = true;
    		return found;
    	public void pickBeeper(int s, int a){ System.out.println("*** World pickBeeper() ***");
    		if(found(s, a)){
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    Default Re: ArrayList, incrementing and decrementing fields

    I don't think you're using the index variable very clearly. You have a class variable, but then a different local variable with the same name.
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    Default Re: ArrayList, incrementing and decrementing fields

    ok I tried so many things I don't even remember what i did. When it searches the arraylist for a match I want it to stop and use that object. How do I do that?

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    Default Re: ArrayList, incrementing and decrementing fields

    Save the reference to the found object in a variable that you can work with.

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