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    Default Help with returning 'set' commands

    I am fairly new to java. I have to make a program about a Savings Account. In one class, I have defined the following:

    private double interest;


    public double getInterest() {
    return interest;

    public void setInterest(double interest) {
    interest = (newBalance * (interestRate/12)) + newBalance;

    I then make a demo class to test it. However, I am not sure what I have to do to make the variable work. I have defined the variable interestTotal, but I can't get the 'one.setInterest()' to work, no matter what I put in it. All I want is for the 'one.setInterest()' to call upon its command (from up above) if that is possible.

    interestTotal = interestTotal + one.setInterest();

    Like I said, I am fairly new to java so I am pretty baffled right now. Any help is appreciated. Ideally, I would rather have the command to be something like:

    one.setInterest = one.setInterest() + one.getInterest();

    But that doesn't work either....
    Thanks a lot.


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    Default Re: Help with returning 'set' commands

    I'm not sure that you should have an interest field or a setInterest(...) method. Instead consider having just a getInterest method, one that calculates the value based on the current newBalance and InterestRate value.

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