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    Default help with java code - new to java

    Hi All

    I am creating a class called Book which contains getters and setters for book attributes.
    Java Code:
    class Book {
    private String title;
    private String ISBN;
    I have a constructor used as the setter as follows:
    public Book (String myTitle, String myISBN, String ....){  
    this.title = myTitle;
    this.ISBN =  myISBN;
    within the class i created getters as follows:
    public String getTitle(){
                  return title;
           }//end method getTitle
    public String getISBN(){
                  return ISBN;
    now when I create new objects in my other class, I do

    Book Book1 = new Book {"title123","8888",etc}

    All this is working well so far.

    now I know i can get each attribute of the book by Book1.getTitle() but how do I get ALL the attributes of each book in one so that i can refer to Book1 as an object rather than referring to each attribute of Book1.

    I need this to store all my books in an ArrayList, print them, sort them in different orders etc.

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    Default Re: help with java code - new to java

    Please post full code and your current output.

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    Default Re: help with java code - new to java

    One nitpick and then some help: When naming variables use camel case (first letter first word lowercase, first letter of 2nd+ words capitalized), so book1, not Book1. Classes have the first letter of each word capitalized.

    If you want to do things with the variable, you would use the getters, however; if you simply want to neatly print a list of books, look into overriding the toString method.

    Java Code:
    @Override public String toString(){
      //do stuff here
      return someString;

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