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    Default Print problem

    Ok so here is my code and the file it reads from?
    can anyone tell me what the problem is here. cheers:

    XML Code:
    public void readText(String file)throws Exception{
            fr = new FileReader(file);
            int ch;
            while(((ch = != -1) && ((ch = != ' '|| ((ch = != '\n'))){
    //             switch(ch){
    //                 case 'a'|'b'|'c'|'d'|'e'|'f'|'g'|'h'|'i'|'j'|'k'|'l'|'m'|'n'|'o'|'p'|'q'|'r'|'s'|'t'|'u'|'v'|'w'|'x'|'y'|'z':  
    //                     char c = (char)ch;
    //                     token.identifier.add(Character.toString(c));
    //                     ch =;
    //                     break;
    //                 case '0'|'1'|'2'|'3'|'4'|'5'|'6'|'7'|'8'|'9':
    //                     char n = (char)ch;
    //                     token.identifier.add(Character.toString(n));
    //                     break;
    //             }
    the test file:

    define a = 0999;
    integer integera=-12345,vara,b2b,const1, two2, three3;
    a+b-c*d/e=end * ** * ;

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    Default Re: Print problem

    How about you tell us what the problem is? What do you expect to happen? What happens instead?
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    Default Re: Print problem

    I'm getting so t'd off I forgot to say what the problem is. HA!

    when I print, it only displays a few of the ltters even though it should keep all of the characters except for the whitespaces and tabs.
    I've commented out the switch case statement but there is a problem here too. I need it to store the first character is picks up if this character is a letter, it should then continue reading and if the next character is a letter or digit, it should store it along with the first character and return as an identifier.

    I hope i have explained the problem well.

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    Default Re: Print problem

    Every time you call, it pulls another character out of the stream. That's why it is only printing every other character - it pulls one out to do the "!= -1" comparison and another one or two for the "!= ' '" and "!= '\n'" comparisons before it finally prints out to the console. You need to call only once per each run through the loop, store it in a temporary variable, and run your checks against that.

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