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Thread: clash of types

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    Default clash of types

    Hi everyone,

    I have a rather basic question here, though I can't figure it out myself.

    I want to create a special Node class for use in a search tree. This node I like to call SearchNode which should extend the simpler Node class. The simple Node class looks like this:
    Java Code:
    public class Node {
       private Node parent;
       private LinkedList<Node> children;
       public void setParent(Node parent) {
          this.parent = parent;
       public void getParent() {
          return this.parent;
       // And some more functions
    Now I'd like to extend the Node class:
    Java Code:
    public class SearchNode extends Node {
       private Location loc;
       public SearchNode(Location loc) {
          this.loc = loc;
    This class has inheritted the functions of Node so in my main loop I want to do the folowing:
    Java Code:
    SearchNode sn1 = new SearchNode(new Location(10, 12));
    SearchNode sn2 = new SearchNode(new Location(45,88));
    SeachNode parent = sn2.getParent();
    For obvious reasons it starts complaining that getParent() is going to return a Node, and not a SearchNode (I could cast, but I don't want to). So I want my Node to be more generic. So I figure, let's get into generics :-). So I did something like this:
    Java Code:
    public class Node<T> {
       T parent;
       public void setParent(T parent) {
          this.parent = parent;
       public T getParent() {
          return this.parent;
    But as a matter of fact, it keeps complaining. So I figure, I do not have enough knowledge, and I need to ask someone who has :-)

    Can anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance,
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