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    In the game that I am developing, I want to draw a relatively small image in a large rectangle. Naturally, the pixels resize into rectangles that are clearly visible. Quality is not important, since it is an background effect for color. I would like to know how to draw the image so that it is blurred when the pixels become larger. This method is similar the the filters used in modern games. I am using BufferedImage objects that are drawn on Graphics objects.

    Edit: Solution found
    Java Code:
    public void draw(Graphics canvas, Rectangle region){
        Graphics2D canvas2D = (Graphics2D) canvas;
        canvas2D.setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_INTERPOLATION, RenderingHints.VALUE_INTERPOLATION_BILINEAR);
        canvas2D.drawImage(image, (int)region.getX(), (int)region.getY(), (int)region.getWidth(), (int)region.getHeight(), null);
    Thanks anyway.
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