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    Default JDBC compare Dates

    i have a problem i cant compare dates and times in java...
    im saving the date in Date format in the phpmyAdmin in Sql, also the Time
    and i cant compare dates with this code:

    Java Code:
    if(checkDate && checkTime)//both 
    sqlStm = "SELECT * FROM "+tableName+" WHERE startDate >= "+startDate2+" AND exitDate <= "+exitDate2+" AND "+"startTime >= "+startTime2.getTime()+" AND exitTime <= "+exitTime2.getTime(); 
    else if(checkDate && !checkTime) //By date 
    sqlStm = "SELECT * FROM "+tableName+" WHERE startDate >= "+startDate2+" AND exitDate <= "+exitDate2; 
    else if (checkTime && !checkDate) //By time 
    sqlStm = "SELECT * FROM "+tableName+" WHERE startTime >= "+startTime2.getTime()+" AND exitTime <= "+exitTime2.getTime(); 
    else //show all 
    sqlStm = "SELECT * FROM cardata ORDER BY `totalPayment` DESC";
    any solutions guys???
    please help me

    this is my insert:

    Java Code:
    PreparedStatement statement = connection 
    .prepareStatement("INSERT INTO `ParkingLot`.`cardata` (`startDate`,`startTime`,`exitDate`,`exitTime`,`carNumber`,`totalPayment`) VALUES (?,?,?, ?,?,?) "); 
    statement.setDate(1, new Date(startDate.getYear(), startDate.getMonth(), startDate.getDay()+16)); 
    statement.setTime(2, new Time(startTime.getHours(), startTime.getMinutes(), startTime.getSeconds())); 
    statement.setDate(3, new Date(exitDate.getYear(), exitDate.getMonth(), exitDate.getDay()+16)); 
    statement.setTime(4, new Time(exitTime.getHours(), exitTime.getMinutes(), exitTime.getSeconds()));
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