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    Default Strange extra shape drawn

    The program below has a strange (to me) error.
    The program is supposed to ask the user for a circle's radius and then for a number of degrees.
    It will then draw the circle with a filled red arc using the degrees entered (along with some stat calculations that are shown as strings).
    The strange thing is that if you enter a radius larger than 35 or so and a number of degrees greater than 270, an extra bit of filled arc shows up at the top-left of the frame. It appears that a second, unasked for filled arc is being drawn at the frame's 'origin'.

    import java.awt.Color;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import java.awt.Graphics;
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

    public class P02 extends JFrame {

    // Declare global constants
    private static final int FRAME_SIZE = 400;
    // Declare class level variables
    int halfFrameSize;
    int radiusOfCircle;
    int degreeOfAngle;
    int fillArcX;
    int fillArcY;
    double radianOfAngle;
    double arcLength;
    double areaOfSlice;
    int diameterOfCircle;

    public void paint(Graphics canvas) {

    // Math for canvas output.
    fillArcX = halfFrameSize - radiusOfCircle;
    fillArcY = halfFrameSize - radiusOfCircle;
    halfFrameSize = FRAME_SIZE / 2;
    diameterOfCircle = radiusOfCircle * 2;
    radianOfAngle = (degreeOfAngle * (Math.PI / 180));
    arcLength = radianOfAngle * radiusOfCircle;
    areaOfSlice = Math.pow(radiusOfCircle,2) * 0.5 * radianOfAngle;

    // Draws circle with radius input from user.
    diameterOfCircle, diameterOfCircle);

    // Draws X and Y axes
    canvas.drawLine(halfFrameSize, 0, halfFrameSize, FRAME_SIZE);
    canvas.drawLine(0, halfFrameSize, FRAME_SIZE, halfFrameSize);

    // Draws output strings
    canvas.drawString(("Radius: " + radiusOfCircle),5,65);
    canvas.drawString(("Angle Degrees: " + degreeOfAngle),5,80);
    canvas.drawString("Angle Radians: " + String.format("%1.3f",
    canvas.drawString("Arc Length: " + String.format("%1.3f",
    canvas.drawString("Slice Area: " + String.format("%1.3f",

    // Fills in arc on inside of circle using radius and degree input from
    // user.
    canvas.fillArc(fillArcX,fillArcY,radiusOfCircle * 2,radiusOfCircle * 2,
    }// end paint

    // The P02 method sets up the frame (window) size and makes sure the frame
    // is erased properly when the program is closed.
    public P02() {
    // JOptionPanes asking for user input.
    String radiusString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(
    "Enter the radius of the circle (10..150)");
    radiusOfCircle = Integer.parseInt(radiusString);
    String angleString = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(
    "Enter the angle in degrees (0..360)");
    degreeOfAngle = Integer.parseInt(angleString);
    }// end P02

    // Creates the frame and makes it visible.
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    P02 guiWindow = new P02();
    }// end main
    }// end Jframe

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    Default Re: Strange extra shape drawn

    I don't get your problem but get other issues with your code. I recommend:
    • Draw in the paintComponent method of a class that extends JPanel, and then either place that JPanel in the JFrame's contentPane or set it as the JFrame's contentPane.
    • You usually want to call the class's super's paint or paintComponent method (depending on if it's a paint or paintComponent override method) as the first method call in the overridden method.
    • Be sure to call your Swing code on the event thread. This can be done by putting the two lines of code in your main method inside of a Runnable's run method and adding the Runnable to the event queue using SwingUtilities.invokeLater(...) method.

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    Default Re: Strange extra shape drawn

    Ok. Thanks for the feedback.
    When I called the super's paint, the problem went away. It looks like I'll have to read up on what exactly is going on, but your observation really helped.
    Thanks again,

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