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Thread: Class troubble

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    No, but it would be simpler, rather than doing all this stuff with Strings to determine if blood can be given, to simply put two accessor methods in the Blod class, one of which returns A, and the other of which returns B. Then, in the kanGiBlodTil(), do your logic with booleans instead of Strings. The code would be shorter, more readable, and more efficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubarable View Post
    Again, please undelete your deleted post above. This thread is not just for you but for all who search this information in the future, and our replies don't make sense without this post.
    it's the same as #19 but i thought there was somethign wrong with my code. it seems like i was missing something and it was "AB" && "AB" comparion in the "Blod" class. as you cans ee in the java code line 24 and 25. but the only diffrence from my deleted post and this, is those lines. and it's working good.

    yep, agree. but the client program "Blodgivingstest" was pre written and they wanted to use the person class for those.
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