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Thread: Timer Problem

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    Default Timer Problem

    Hi every one,
    in order to make a method to make a nice transition to any swing item like JPanel or JButton or others, i made the following method :

    public static void MoveTo(final Container Cnt,final int fX,final int fY,final int Slow) {

    MyActionListener = new ActionListener()
    int initialX=Cnt.getX();
    int initialY=Cnt.getY();
    int DeltaX=fX-initialX;
    int DeltaY=fY-initialY;
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
    Cnt.setLocation(initialX + (int)(DeltaX*Math.sin(Counter*Math.PI/(2*Slow))) , initialY + (int)(DeltaY*Math.sin(Counter*Math.PI/(2*Slow))) );
    Counter++; if (Counter>=Slow) { //Cnt.setLocation(fX,fY);
    MyTimer = new javax.swing.Timer(0, MyActionListener); //0 milliSeconds as Delay ....

    But when i use it i face a Crazy problem :
    if i call it and wait it to complete its motion : No Problem...
    BUT if the user calls it and BEFORE ending its motion the user again calls it, a CRAZY motion occurs....
    i have an idea of the problem reason : i call it again then the Conter and may be Mytimer and others are double-used....
    But i don't have an idea about any SOLUTION ....
    Someone has a solution or other idea ...
    Many thanks
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    Default Re: Timer Problem

    You've posted 15 times -- please use code tags so we can read your code.

    I suggest that you create and post a small compilable and runnable program that shows your problem, again with code tags. Also, don't use a timer delay of 0 as that's unrealistic. Experiment with different values, but not 0.

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