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    Default I want to put text outputs in the GUI console.

    Hi all,
    I have this java problem , which I need to put the outputs in the GUI.

    It is a sorting program, when I click the key, it sorts by it self.

    First, when I run the program, CLI and GUI console appears.

    However, when I click the key (RUN SORTING), on the CLI - the sorting list eg -> 0:1 , 1: 2 , 2:5 , 3: 50 ...etc, before sorting and after sorting text appears.
    on the GUI console, the sorting progress appears.

    I need to put that information on the CLI into the GUI console at the very bottom.
    Can anyone give me an advise?


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    Default Re: I want to put text outputs in the GUI console.

    It would be helpful if you showed us your source code.

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    Default Re: I want to put text outputs in the GUI console.

    I'm not sure what your problem is but if you want to display data on the GUI then you need to add it to a JTextfield or a JTextArea.

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