I'm not too sure if this goes under new or advanced Java, so I thought new.
I have coded GUI apps with Swing and coded a simple game, complete with level editor and 2D coloured square retro-like grid.
but now I want to code games a bit more advanced, but I simply do not understand Java objects!

I understand what they can probably be used for, for example an enemy's movement/AI. so if you have 3 enemy's, you have 3 instances of EnemeyAI, each with unique X,Y, and whatever other values, kind of like little instances of applications running separately, probably why it is called the Java virtual mashene. this is what I think Java Objects are, of course I never managed to use them.

I need a tutorial that explains this well and step-by step, along with a good example (I do not understand the bike one).

sorry for my bad spelling.