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    Default if wrong input, you get a new chance


    Just started java and was trying to create something.

    The user is supposed to type in 6 numbers within a range from 1 - 64 . If the user types an invalid number, he will get a new shot. But all 64 numbers have to be correct, as they are going in to an array.

    How would I implement that input system without making it to messy?

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: if wrong input, you get a new chance

    You have to make two checks: number is within the correct range and number is not already selected. Simple if statement handles the first problem. For the second use a loop to check all numbers selected so far against the new selected number. Place code to handle both (use of methods would be good) inside a loop that keeps going if either check fails.

    Maybe I misinterpreted your post and the second (unique numbers) issue is not what you need.

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