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    Default string to integer conversion


    i am working with excel and java. by default, value extracted from a cell of excel sheet is string. In a column i have 3000 numerical values. As excel sheet cell is returning string, i created a string array to store column elements. when i try to convert those string values to integer,

    1.It is throwing an exception of array index out of bounds? why?

    2. also, when i tried to print the string values directly, it is throwing exception in middle of values, but still i could see all values? but, with exception message.

    please help me, thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: string to integer conversion

    If you want help, you'll have to provide an SSCCE that demonstrates the problem. Otherwise, we have no idea what you're doing.
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    Default Re: string to integer conversion

    assume my excel sheet have 1000 rows, 5 columns
    iam extracing data from excel sheet cells and trying to make statistical analysis and modifications on excel data through arrays,

    //create a work book to access data.

    //created a multi dimensional array of string datatype to save the data into cells

    string [][] x;
    x=new string [column][row];

    TO copy contents from a cells to array; i used nested for loops

    for loop(column){

    for loop (row)

    NOw, i hold all cells data of excel sheet in a multi dimensional array.

    assume i want to manuplate, 2nd column elements to make some analysis.

    excel Cell return string type , so i used string array to store. but actually they are numerical values in the cells, so i have to type cast them to make anaylsis. as i only need 2nd column elements to manipulate, i took a single dimensional array and made typecasting. HERE IT is throwing EXCEPTION.

    int[] analysis;
    analysis =new integer[row];

    for(int c=0;c<row;c++){

    analysis[c]=Integer.parseInt(x[1][c]);//second column elements //Here i get exception.

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    Default Re: string to integer conversion

    You're mixing up row and colum index values; normally a row runs 'horizontally' and the colums run from left to right; the row index is the first index in a two dimensional array (and the column index is the second index). Draw it on paper while you fix your code; rows are on top of eachother. columns are next to eachother.

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