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    Default Using printf without specifiers

    1st post here as a member on this forums, so pardon me if somethings wrong with my post or offensive to anyone. But below is my code for my HW assignment due in a little while.

    My question is how do I go about using the printf method without specifiers??

    Also if someone would be helpful enough to just take a quick look at my code just to make sure everythings good (For some reason I keep getting a unclosed string literal at the System.out.printf and as well as a ")" expected at the increment ++months) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    Java Code:
     *Code a do/while loop that only prints the name of the month from September through November or it issues a 
     *"Month not found!" error message.  Use if/else statements.  A variable called month has been declared and 
     *initialized to 9.  Use printf() without specifiers.  Code using Notepad. 
     * Save as YourLastNameFirstInitialDoWhileHW.txt
    public class doWhileLoopHW
    	public static void main ( String[] args)
    		int months = 9;
    			System.out.printf( "%d , months );
    		} while ( months <= 2); //END do...while 
    		if ( months >= 3)
    			System.out.println( "Month not found!" );
    		} else System.out.printf( "%d" , months );
    	}//END Main
    }//END Class doWhileLoopHW
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    Default Re: Using printf without specifiers

    System.out.printf( "%d , months );
    System.out.printf( "%d" , months );


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