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    Default Which platform should I use on my development machine?

    Firstly, I'm a recent .Net defector. Fortunately I'm slightly decoupled from things being on the architecture rather than dev teams. I've defected thanks to the epic sham that is the Patterns and Practices team and the whole dev schizophrenia thing going on at the moment with Silverlight, IE and Windows 8.

    Which platform is realistically likely to give me the least amount of hassle as a development environment?

    Linux (CentOS 6.0)
    Windows 7.

    I'm deploying onto Tomcat on CentOS and using Eclipse as an IDE with Spring, Java 6, ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL as the framework. This is a greenfield web app.

    I've got roughly the same experience with Windows and Linux (about 15 years each now) and my hardware runs both quite happily (ThinkPad T61).

    Which should I go with for least friction?

    I know this is fickle, I'm currently leaning towards Windows as I rather like iTunes (no other reason in particular).

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    Default Re: Which platform should I use on my development machine?

    Well i use eclipse on windows 7 and it works great for me!

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