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    Default Cannot find symbol for selection sort algorithm

    My problem is that my compiler tells me it cannot find my selectionSort method when i call it. Can some one help?

    heres my code, in two classes, cuz thats how its gotta be done.

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class NumberArray
    	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
    		Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;			//Create Scanner object so user can input the file name
    		System.out.println("Please enter the name of the file with the numbers you were given:");
    		String givenNumbers = keyboard.nextLine(); 			//Store the filename to a string varaible
    		File file = new File("givenNumbers");				// Use the variable to open a new file
    		Scanner inputFile = new Scanner(file);				// Scanner inputFile allows the numbers in the file to be read
    		int index = 0;
    		double[] fileNumbers;								//Set index to 0 and create a double array to store numbers for sort
    		while (inputFile.hasNext())
    			fileNumbers[index] = inputFile.nextDouble();	//Since each number is on a new line in the file, this will store the numbers into the array
    		inputFile.close();									//Close the file
    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class NumberAnalysis
        public static void selectionSort(double[] numbers)
            int scan, index, minIndex, maxIndex;
            double maxValue, minValue, average, total;  // Declare variables to store max and min values
            total = 0.0;                                // and their indexs, along with scan, average and total
            maxValue = 0.0;                             // Initialize these variables before loop so can be called after
            minValue = 0.0;
            for(scan = 0; scan < (numbers.length-1); scan++)
                minIndex = scan;
                minValue = numbers[scan];                   //Scan represents first index of array, 0
                for(index = scan + 1; index < numbers.length; index++)
                    if (numbers[index] < minValue)
                        minValue = numbers[index];          //This if statement sorts the array throughout the whole
                        minIndex = index;                   //for loop. From lowest to higest numbers
                numbers[minIndex] = numbers[scan];
                numbers[scan] = minValue;
                total = total + numbers[scan];
            maxIndex = numbers.length - 1;                  //Selection sort makes the last index in the array the highest number so assign that to maxIndex
            maxValue = numbers[maxIndex];                   //maxValue is equal to the last number in the array so call it using maxIndex
            average = (total / numbers.length);
            System.out.println("The lowest number in the array is: " + minValue +
                                "\nThe highest number in the array is: " + maxValue +
                                "\nThe total of all the numbers in the array is: " + total +
                                "\nThe average of all the numbers in the array is : " + average);

    The first set of code is the one with the error, the second set of code compiles correctly. I appreciate any help or insight on my problem. Thank you

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