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    Unhappy How to make programming your passion?

    Hello Programmers. I've been dealing with this problem a long time since i took this IT course of mine. The problem is i cant really focus myself in studying programming, but i want to. I really wanna be a good/great Java programmer but im still stuck here doing nothing but complain.

    i have all the things that i need to study, great java book, laptop, good IDE, and internet to surf for additional infos.

    Dont suggest to take another course because i wont do that. I wanna stay on this field. I wanna love this field. I wanna be a Software Engineer someday.

    Oh Please Help me.

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    Default Re: How to make programming your passion?

    Hello! I think the best way to learn JAVA is starting with a good understanding of OOP.
    Then you should consider a career in Computer Engineering or Software Engineering, to understand many other things related to the production of software.
    Learning to program is not quick or easy. You have to have perseverance and dedication, and above all you have to have a lot of passion!

    Greetings from Argentina!

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    Default Re: How to make programming your passion?

    I don't really think you can force yourself to be passionate about something. If you aren't too passionate about just the regular language stuff, force yourself to learn it. As you get some experience you will be able to handle more challenging tasks. Maybe graphics programing, game programming, artificial intelligence or something else will be something you will become passionate about.

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