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    Default string replaceall occurences with strings inside arrays

    Let our string be a sentence that contains several unique terms, such as

    "person1: hello, person2! person3, are you the same person as person4?"

    I would like to replace person1, person2, person 3, and person4 with strings I have in a text file. In the text file, this would be an example of what it looks like:


    NOTICE how person3 and person4 have the same replacer term - also, I have a bufferedreader that puts the entire text file into an array, lets name it "example".

    How would I have it so that the text gets ALL the elements of array "example" so it can replace the prefix of "=" by the
    suffix of "=". So, the final string would look like:

    "example1: hello, example2! example3, are you the same as example3?"

    Also, note that the size of array "example" is indefinite, as you can add even more lines to the text file.

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    Default Re: string replaceall occurences with strings inside arrays

    Read these two recplace() functions: String (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

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