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    Default How can JAVA Programme read ANSI codes

    I wrote a programme to read texts. The texts are Yoruba texts. Yoruba writing involves a heavy use of diacritical marks. Yoruba texts also includes many symbols which are not included in the ASCII codes. The texts include: 1. ẹ́ xc
    2. ẹ̀ xv
    3. ọ̀ qv
    4. av
    5. ọ́ qc
    6. ev
    7. ic
    8. ov
    9. iv
    10. ac
    11. uv
    12. uc
    13. ov
    14. ec
    15. ọ q
    16. ẹ x
    17. ṣ z
    18. ń nc
    19. ǹ nv
    The programm is working well, except that it cannot read the above symbols. Please, how can my program read the symbols.

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    Default Re: How can JAVA Programme read ANSI codes

    All those text files are encoded; an InputStreamReader wraps around an InputStream (i.e. it reads the bytes from that InputStream) and it uses a user specified decoding name to build chars from those bytes. You have to find/know the used encoding and then you're in business.

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    Default Re: How can JAVA Programme read ANSI codes

    I'm pretty sure you mean Unicode, not ANSI codes, unless you tried to type them and ended up with the characters I'm seeing. "ANSI codes" usually refers to ANSI X3.64 terminal control sequences, which begin with the escape character (ASCII 27) followed by some other ASCII characters.
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