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    Default Java Help please!


    I have got a pretty good computer, windows 7.

    I have downloaded the JDK package with JRE 6 called jdk1.6.0_27.

    Its a new windows, first program i installed (after all the drivers, etc) was Java.

    I get the following error while running any .bat file:

    Opening a CMD window with the followign errors:

    "java" is not an internal or external
    command, operable program or batch file.
    To continue, press any key. . .

    When i am downloading any Jar file it automatically downloads it as .zip with the classes in it.

    Please help thanks!

    P.S Any java games\etc works pretty well also webclients, i dunno whats the problem.

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    Default Re: Java Help please!

    If you have java.exe (or javac.exe) stored in a directory X you either run it as "\X\java NameOfClass" or you have to put the directory X in your PATH environment variable; this is not a Java issue so you have to check your OS manual(s) how to do it.

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